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Research prospective Native American highway project contractors, prepare directory of those contractors, produce a video “Doing Business with WSDOT” for distribution to those contractors. As project manager Don Chalmers was responsible to:
·        Coordinate directly and regularly with WSDOT OEO on project progress and evaluation
·        Recruit and select a Native American researcher to conduct prospective contractors
·        Oversee and manage that research
·        With SparrowHawk staff oversee the development of the directory and prepare text augmentation of the directory along with editing the final publication
·        Recruit and select the videographer and contract with Notion Pictures to produce the video
·        Oversee and manage
·        Complete the Final Report

Encouraging Native American Contractors to get involved in FHWA-Funded Projects

We researched all prospective Native American contractors and prepared a comprehensive directory.  With Notion Pictures we produced a video designed to help these contractors to secure prime and sub-contractors.

A Directory of Native American Contractors, A Video on How to Do Business with WSDOT