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Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation

Our Focus

As one of several successful projects that generated nearly $9 million of new grant funds for Colville, we also helped the Tribes study, define, and plan their new Governance Center.  We also helped identify prospective cost savings from and funding for their new Governance Center.

The Results

The idea of a new Governance Center was a dream for the Colville Tribes for nearly 30 years. The current  Administration Building cannot hold even the current programs housed there like the Business Council and Administration let alone scores of  other programs the Business Council determined should be brought together into a single complex. We their general guidance we assessed the space needs of those programs through 2020 and developed an initial need assessment that pointed to a 130,000 square foot facility at a cost of about $30 million.
Next we assessed what cost savings could be gained by moving programs into the complex.  We determined savings of about $500,000 per year in utilities, insurance and other current expenses. We also calculated that repayment of $30 million for the buildings would cost about $600,000.  It became clear to the Council that savings plus available funds for occupancy from federally-active programs would more than pay for the repayment and they authorized us to fine tune the space needs.  We helped organize a Governance Center task force and provided support for it.  That group of Tribal employees and members of the Business Council met and further refined the Complex definition.  We provided the group with suggested design principles which they adopted with some small modifications.
Finally we asked the Council for funds to begin the programming and initial design phase of the work and helped the task force develop an RFP to solicit interest in that work.  An architect was retained, a site selected and the building project is moving forward.  The Colville Confederated Tribes now have an environmentally-sensitive Center for its government operations.  The Tribes will enjoy a safe, secure, welcoming and cost-effective complex fully equipped to serve their member's needs for decades to come!